“The New Rules of Marketing & PR”:Book Review




(Photo Credit: Amazon Books)

In the “New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott, readers learn about the evolving change in news distribution and how to adapt to Web 2.0. This book provided extensive insight on the reasons why the new rules matter, how to adjust to the new rules and what to do to abide by them. Scott gave examples of many case studies and real situations that occurred over time. Many people in the field of PR could use this book as a guide to success in the digital age. Scott believes we should all ignore the old rules because we are no longer limited to print publications.

When I began reading the book, I was stunned by the immediate lessons learned within only a few pages! Scott really took his time to explain the old rules then transitioned into the new rules respectively. If we all relied solely on the old way of creating and distributing promotional materials, it would not guarantee the reach, ROI nor awareness that Web 2.0 offers. He covers everything from blogs and list serves to wikis, audiences and developing effective content. With Scott’s emphasis on the new rules, business should more than likely to succeed after reading a copy.

This book is also useful for IMC framework, marketing push strategies, information on vodcasts, web etiquette and steps to use for viral marketing campaigns. Scott believes the previous strategies used decades ago are no longer relevant in today’s society. Nowadays, excessive use of the internet has caused marketers to evaluate its effectiveness as a channel and build online relationships to target consumers directly. The author also taught me how to develop a successful PR plan, engage with media appropriately and increase my online presence.

I would recommend this reading to any Communications student, professional, or aspiring entrepreneur seeking to learn about the proper way of reaching public’s through Web 2.0 . The only thing I wished this book offered was more pages! I was shocked to learn as much as I did about my field of study and I consider a blessing to have done so. I will encourage others I know in the PR/Marketing profession to buy this book as well because I know of the benefits it provides.




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