“The New Rules of Marketing & PR”



(Photo Credit: Amazon Books)


Out with the old, In with the new! That’s exactly what this weeks reading is telling us to do. The old rules of PR & Marketing no longer apply to Communications Professionals as the shift from traditional marketing to web/social media marketing continues to grow. “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” by David Scott, highlights the importance of following the new guidelines set for the field of Communications. Scott explains how the use of images, video and viral marketing have proven to be quite effective when reaching an online audience. Let’s take a more thorough look at the key points he focuses on when covering these topics:

The Benefits of Including Imagery?

The quality of your online images may either make an audience continue to read/shop, or leave your site altogether. Simply put: Good high quality photos draw more readers. Including imagery enhances a company’s social media presence and allows businesses to appeals to the masses. Scott explains that companies must drive people into the purchasing process with a publishing strategy built around great online content. Hence, you must engage the audience with images because visibility is keen!

Photos also give clarity to content, provoke reactions, gives readers a break from reading tons of content, become memorable, and captivates your audience. Moreover, websites with good photos get the chances of having higher ranks in SEO because their posts can make the audience stay longer on their page and are even a great benefit for visual learners. The author also explains that great PR is not about your boss seeing your company on TV, it’s about your buyers seeing your company on the web.

Without producing quality images that represent your business, the public may feel your business lacks credibility or become bored with your website. Acceptable images include anything from personal photos and screenshots, to photos created with image manipulation software or even images from the web.

The Benefits of Including Videos?

Scott also explained that when you are looking for a creative way to get noticed and stand out from the competition, custom videos are a great option that provides many benefits to your website and company. Videos are great way of introducing yourself to consumers without making the viewer read long texts or jump between pages. Instead, he or she gets the exact data you wanted to deliver. Videos are also:

  • Shareable
  • Cost-effective
  • Visually Engaging
  • Linked to building your brand image

Adding videos to your site gives you the chance to quickly deliver your message, engage your website visitors, create a personality for your company, increase reach, entertain the audience and differentiate from competition. Videos also increase website traffic, regular site visits and gives companies an opportunity to be remembered.

The Benefits of Viral Marketing?

Scott teaches us the significance of Viral Marketing as well. The biggest advantage of viral marketing is getting tons of publicity and public awareness about your website. This in turn generates a steady flow of traffic from potential customers. Blogs, online video, e-books, news releases, and other forms of online content allows organizations to communicate directly with buyers. Social networks allow people all over the world to share content and connect with the people and companies they do business with.

Altogether, Scott informs us that social media is a vehicle for directly connecting and interacting with your target audience.  The idea is to use viral marketing along with the other marketing strategies to promote your website. Viral marketing is one of the best ROI options for companies aiming to relay a brand message to existing and potential customers on a global scale. I believe I am going to use his idead to create a more appealing online presence for myself. Adding my own personal photos that I go out and shoot would be a great start, I’m excited to see how much I’ve grown from this reading.




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