Book Review: “Social PR Secrets”



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You ever wondered how well PR and Social Media could work together? Lisa Buyer’s “Social PR Secrets” offers numerous tips on how to effectively publicize a brand with the use of social media. At first glance, the book did not look big enough to cover all the content it did, but to my surprise, I was well informed. I must admit, not one section of this book is pointless! Lisa does an awesome job at emphasizing the impact that social media has on the field of PR. She also highlights how important it is for professionals to adapt to these changes in order to prosper.

Buyer’s PR tips for success involve changing the way we approach media planning, media relations, and evaluation/contingency techniques. This book is definitely a must read for anyone in Public Relations. She does a great job at informing PR professionals about visibility, credibility, SEO tools and how valuable it is to have an online newsroom.

PR practitioners must be aware of technological advancements that are ever-changing. Moreover, PR executives and marketing experts must have background knowledge of digital marketing in order to fully optimize a brands online presence. Buyer’s relates the significance of press releases, media stories, executive bios and blog posts.

This book is beyond valuable for public relations and marketing pros looking for additional methods on how to exercise social media effectively. Social PR Secrets increases readers knowledge and everything from timing to avoiding a PR disaster is covered in Buyers book.

I feel as though she used her own experiences to help others do the same in the field of PR. She totally understands the role of two-way communication, sender and receiver feedback, and the new roles that PR professionals and organizations must take on as news editors, photo journalists, bloggers, content marketers and researchers.

I learned a lot about content and how important it is to demonstrate proper writing and communication skills. I would recommend this book to anyone in need of guidance in the field of PR/Marketing, or anyone working for a business in general.

Social interaction, creativity, link-building, and concise content are all explained in-depth throughout Buyer’s book. If you’re looking for a insight that will increase ROI, this book is for you. This was really more than a ‘good read’ and I am pleased to have had the opportunity of being introduced to this specific piece of literature.


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