New Rules of Media Relations

The new rules of Media Relations are a must-have for Communications Specialists! It seems the world as we once knew it is no longer. The growth of social media has transformed the way PR Professionals send and receive news, target their consumers, evaluate contingency, and establish relationships with the public.

Just take a second and ask yourself: How are traditional methods of advertising changing?

We are now in the world of web 2.0 and everyone is adapting to this change agent including journalists, bloggers and other media relations specialists. We also keep in mind that the competition is also using the internet to promote their brand. With the options of posting videos/images to demonstrate compelling content, using SEO tools to monitor how effective content is, operating online newsrooms and using the web as a platform for all means of marketing, the web has truly changed the game of PR and Advertising.

**What are your personal thoughts on the New Rules of Media Relations and what additional changes do you foresee for the future?


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